Life-saving primary care for 5,000 rural Rwandans

Life-saving primary care for 5,000 rural Rwandans

This project will enable One Family Health (OFH) to train and equip a nurse to open and run her own clinic, providing quality health services that will transform the lives of 5,000 rural Rwandans by bringing healthcare within walking distance.

Since 2012, OFH has been empowering nurses to run clinics that save lives through prevention and treatment of common illnesses such as malaria. With your support, the new clinic will provide care to 7,500 patient visits per year.


Rwanda is a small, mountainous country in East Africa where 80% of the population lives in rural areas. Despite government investment in healthcare, access to the most basic health services remains extremely limited. Many Rwandans still walk hours to reach the nearest health facility. When forced to walk long distances, people seek healthcare later and less often. The result is that preventable diseases occur and treatable illnesses, like malaria, become life-threatening.


One Family Health improves access to healthcare for rural populations by recruiting and empowering nurses to become entrepreneurs and to open small health clinics in rural areas. OFH provides nurse-entrepreneurs with initial training in operations and management as well as ongoing monitoring and support to ensure adherence to high-quality standards. OFH nurses can then provide quality, affordable preventive care, and treatment to their communities.

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